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    Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Release Candidate 1: Hotfix
    posted by EmpyrionGame @ 12:07PM on June 03, 2018
    CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.0.6 (Build 1681)

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed: Not able to join a server with more than one starter planet
    - Fixed: Problem that sometimes billboards of deco were visible instead of 3d model from close distance
    - Fixed: Problem that deco disappeared sometimes
    - Fixed: Terrain deco vanishing on game resume or coming back to a site
    - Fixed: When "reclaiming" a landing pad on HV, you got SV blocks back
    - Fixed: Problem that up-to-date SV Constructors displayed as "old - please replace"
    - Fixed: Hitting sand did not play impact sound
    - Fixed: Problem that some old stock HV used SV landing pads
    - Fixed: Containers with a power switch (e.g. fridges) didn't always show the correct power state
    - Fixed: Problem that preview images of starter planets did not appear properly in new game window.

    - Improved flickering in Sky/Clouds on planet and in Nebula in space when flying around
    - Update particles and flares on all thrusters to better fit their size
    - Updated colliders on several bushes to facilitate cutting down with chainsaw
    - Tweaked new SV jet thruster positions so they fit better to hull blocks
    - Implemented: New Playfield Ops "DeviceUnlockMulti" and "DevicePowerMulti" which operate on all matching devices in all matching structures
    - Updated gameoptions.yaml with note that some parameters are taken from UI in local Coop
    - Added missing Neodymium Asteroids to random space playfields
    - Added regeneration to all asteroids in playfield TradingStation
    - Added regeneration to Sathium Asteroids in space playfield SpaceOrbit
    - Sector Map: Adjusted map selection frames. Adjusted placement and scale of moons in sector map. Added Toggle orbit lines button
    - Removed drone spawning info from drone base in playfield.yamls (it is now only given in POI itself)
    - Tweaked size of Survival Constructor (no scaling anymore)
    - Updated snow planet: better mountain cliff
    - Updated Localization.csv
    - Texture update to new format: Holo screen 01, 04
    - Removed log outputs on planet generation