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The Empyrion server needs your help!

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  • The Empyrion server needs your help!

    This will only be up until Monday night after my stream then this will lock!

    Working on the Empyrion server today upgrading the CPU to a 1900x 8core 16 threaded CPU, I realized I don't have necessary RAM! The motherboard that supports the CPU only supports DDR4 memory. I could get into the technical side of it, but I won't because you only care about the Empyrion server and it being online. I can get it up and online with anywhere between 16 to 64 Gb of RAM. Bottom line - We need financial support to make it happen. So dig into your couches and dig into your rainy day funds! (PLEASE DO NOT SEND FUNDS IF YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO!) If you want to help and can't afford to: Send this post to your friends who you know will play on the server! This will not earn you any perks. This WILL ONLY get you everyone's gratitude and thanks for supporting the server. Why? Well simple answer is that I've got a backlog of supporter planets to build for people that have been around since version 6 and 7!

    If you can send support please use this link to do so:

    The RAM we are looking at is CHEAP and NOT high performance. It doesn't need to be. It just needs to work. The links for the RAM I am looking at for the server is:
    16Gb RAM $169.99

    32 Gb RAM $316.99

    Note: We could use the old hardware, but the CPU and motherboard will go into another build if I do that. This means that this is a one time chance to upgrade the server. This is $600 in upgrades from me and if you want to be a part the new server and it's hardware support this cause! If you can't afford to right now, but can donate before the 31st please drop a promise to donate reply to this post so I can account for your donation.
    Current Donation Amount: $50
    (I will manually update as I see funds come in)

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    This post closes July 16th. (Tonight)