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ARK server settings update today!

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  • ARK server settings update today!

    I have started looking into adding a second map to the server. However I need to make sure the changes of the server are complete and up to what I expect the settings to be across servers.

    1) Removed " look at implant and scratch" animation on respawn.
    2) Mindwipe tonic is now usable as many times are you like.
    3) Titanosauraus can now be permanently tamed.
    4) Flyers are aloud in caves.
    5) Flyers that could regain stamina while hovering can now do so again.
    6) Imprinting on a dino will no longer give it less stats! (oops)
    7) Structures will now be able to clip into the terrain.
    8) Tribe name change cool down has been reduced.
    9) Supply drop loot increased from 2 to 2.5 (Your welcome Sin).
    10) Swim Speed stat multiplier (higher oxygen means faster swimmer) has been set to 2 from 1.
    11) Putting points into the crafting stat will make crafting better by 1.5 times instead of 1.

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    Tired attempting to setup the second server today too. Scorched Earth.

    12) Added server cluster ID.
    13) Set corpse decay from 1 to 100,000,000. (maybe a fix for afk deaths and gear disappearing.