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  • Welcome! Please read!

    So today marks the first day of the WASD Games website! Yay! If you find errors, typos, or funky colors that don't look like they belong- kindly report them to an Administrator so we can fix them.
    You all know the rules but I'll post them here for anyone who might be new.

    This is not the place for religion, do NOT bring it here.
    This is not the place for politics, do NOT bring it here.
    This is not the place for racism, do NOT bring it here.
    No douche baging of any kind, keep it fun for all.

    WASD Games is a not-for-profit community where everyone should be able to come and have a good time without inhibiting the good time of other players. We focus mostly on PC games that can be primarily found through Steam and sometimes other game networks like Origin, Epic Games, and We have a good structure constructed of a website, Discord VOIP, Steam, Twitch, and Facebook. If you would like to keep adds off of our website, subscribe to MrFun01 on twitch: or just donate. This is not free and the help of everyone will keep us up and running for a long time.

    If you are part of a community such as Goon(anything) most prominently known as Goon Squad we don't want you here. They stand for everything that is wrong in internet gaming, and we will not tolerate that anti-social behavior here. If you believe that (even in Eve) that greifing is the way it is meant to be played then you are not only mistaken, but not welcome here.