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  • It's time for the people to vote!

    I need everyone who is interested to post the mods that they would like to see on our Conan Exiles server. Once the list is made we will have a vote to see which mods we would like to see on the server. Post the name of the mod and then the link to the mod on the steam workshop. In this format:

    Name: Less Building Placement Restrictions
    Details: The core idea behind this mod is to open up building possibilities, within realistic guidelines. You won't find that you can build floating fortresses or build without any structure support here. What you will find is less limitations on where you can build. For example, are those stupid NPC camps "too close"? Well scoff at those NPC's cause now you can build on their heads! That annoying "can't build here" message went bye bye.

    There are some things you need to keep in mind.
    1) READ ABOUT THE MOD!! Do your research! If you don't then it could be your fault if the server crashes!
    2) Will we need to restart the server?
    3) Some mods might conflict with other mods.
    4) Is the mod outdated? When was the last update?
    5) Make sure others will want the mod. No point in wasting our time.

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    Top Choice from Soro

    The Age of Calamitous

    Welcome to The Age of Calamitous!
    This mod serves as a total conversion mod, introducing new systems, content, feats, and much more!
    Here is a list of some additions to the game:
    • Additional Character Creation Options
    • New Stacks & Weight
    • UI / HUD modifications
    • Hundreds of New Decorations, Props, Items, Weapons, etc.
    • Many New Crafting Stations, Feats & Recipes
    • New Level Cap 100 (Ascension 101-120)
    • Special content from The Age of Calamitous
    And much more!

    Lots to do in the change up of Conan Exiles. New critters to hunt (or be hunted by!) New stuff to learn and build with!

    Would be best to restart the server for this MOD.

    The creator recommends it as a standalone mod but I have seen it play well with other mods such as:

    Pippi - User & Server management
    LT's Compass
    Unlock Plus (with pickup) (1.0 compatible)
    and at least 6-8 more

    I would like to see this mod with Pippi's user & Server management (I'll list Pippi's Next)

    This Mod is actively being updated with bug fixes and new features and to stay in parity with Conan Exiles

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      Pippi - User & Server management -

      New Chat System
      Kit System
      Command System
      Announcement System
      Warp System
      MOTD System
      Rule System
      Player System
      Dynamic Rank System

      Pippi Toolsets
      NPC Spawners
      Create customized Dungeons/Arenas
      Create customized lighting
      Loot Spawners
      Create customized loot chests
      Zohnes - Testing
      Protect those wonderful build from players on a pvp server.
      Also allows you to dye building pieces
      Create visible entry points for warps
      Create actors that animate and bring life to your villages
      Load images from the web directly into your game
      Create your own custom notes for players
      CamLoc - Experimental
      Camera rig system
      MusiqBox - InProgress
      Stream audio directly from the internet

      I have played with Pippi in both SP and MP scenarios without major issues.

      The features it adds can add a little zest to Conan Exiles by adding warp points and the possibility of purchasing Kits with currency that you earn through Pippi.along with many other things.

      This Mod is currently running on 3 servers that are running the Age of Calamitous
      Plays well with a multitude of other mods such as all the litman mods

      This mod has an active developer keeping it current with all Conan Exiles patches and downloads.


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        Litman mods

        There are many of these, I'll post links to the ones I like in this one post but if you search the workshop you will find many more

        If you are voting for this selection please type which mod you are interested in, otherwise we won't know which one you are voting for

        Litman Level One Fifty Six

        Increases Attribute points and Feat point to aalow for the increase in levels to 156.

        Great Mod that plays well with every mod I have tried.

        Litman Item Stack and Container SIze

        Increases the amount of items that can be stacked from 100, Increases container size so you won't need dozens of chests\ boxes\ crates to store your booty and resources in

        Plays well with multiple mods

        As I said abaobe Litman has many mods but these 2 I find enhance game play without changing it too much, You have to still work to progress!


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          Unlock Plus (with Pickup) (1.0 Compatible)

          This is a relatively new one to me but I have played with it on Age of Calatimous without issue.
          It allows you to pick up any placeable item and to lock said item.
          No more having to put everything in a building to prevent theft!
          Don't like where yuou put that furnace? move it to a new location!

          Developer is active on keeping this mod up to date and responds to issues posted in steam in a timely manner

          Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

          Mod-ID: 877108545


          The Unlock Plus configuration can be accessed as admin form the radial menu of any placeable.

          Locking Capabilities
          • ...for placeables - Adds locking capabilities to all placeables.
          • ...for doors and gates - Adds locking capabilities to all doors and gates.

          Thrall Protection
          • Profession thralls assigned to a crafting station can only be removed by the owner, even if the crafting station is not locked.

          Breakable Locks
          Breakable locks for all chests like Wooden Box, Large Chest or Cupboard and all crafting stations like Tannery, Blacksmith's Bench or Campfire. A lock breaks when the health falls below the set percentage threshold. Once the lock is broken, anyone can open the box and loot the content.

          Extended Storage
          Extended storage extends the standard storage by the set multiplier (range: 1 to 10).
          • ...for chests - Enables the extended storage for all chests like Wooden Box, Large Chest or Cupboard and extends the standard storage by the set multiplier.
          • ...for crafting stations - Enables the extended storage for all crafting stations like Tannery, Blacksmith's Bench or Campfire and extends the standard storage by the set multiplier.

          Return to Inventory (Pickup)
          Enables 'Return to Inventory' for placeables and/or building parts. Damaged placeables must be repaired before they can be returned to inventory.
          • ...for building parts - Enables 'Return to Inventory' for all building parts like foundations, door frames or ceilings.
          • ...for placeables - Enables 'Return to Inventory' for all placeables like Wooden Box, Large Chest, Cupboard, Tannery, Blacksmith's Bench or Campfire. 'Return to Inventory' can be disabled for all placeables of a specific type (overrules the general setting). Does not affect items marked by the game as 'returnable'.

          • wheel of pain (all sizes) can be unlocked but is not usable for none clan members
          • open: door/gate info did not show the lock state
          • ...


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            Pickup +

            if we use the Unlock + of Soro's though this one won't be required

            I'd like this Mod added it allows you to pick up your misplaced foundations and walls without destroying them
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            • Mr Fun
              Mr Fun commented
              Editing a comment
              Please add more information. Like the name of the mod.

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            After a long day of traveling the world of exiles killing undead just to come home to rid yourself of corruption to fine your dancers bouncing around doing a gymnastic route instead of dancing. Despair no longer.



            Teaches those uncoordinated dancers how to dance.
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              Current Features of DyeMoreBetterer 0.2.2:
              -44 new dyes and counting...
              -Adds more dye slots to some armors (in progress, only works on medium armors for now)
              -Black and White dyes
              -Demon Blood Dye (a richer red)
              -Gold Dye (not metallic, just a color that looks like gold when on metal armor parts )
              - Pink
              -"Glaring" versions of the normal colors that look almost emissive (but aren't)
              -Prussian Blue
              -Sky Blue
              -Caribbean Blue
              -Navy Blue
              -Olive Green
              -Hunter Green
              -Dark Steel
              -Purple variants: Periwinkle, Lavender, Orchid, Violet and Indigo
              -Iron dye
              -White gold dye
              -Rose gold dye
              -Star metal dye
              -Yellow lotus dye
              -Iron Powder: an ingredient for making the metal dyes


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                Slightly Less Thrall Placement Restrictions

                Hear me, oh small minions, for I, the great and powerful Multigun have heard your prayers. You asked, nay, begged, that I release a version of my Less Thrall Placement Restrictions mod that included only overlap warning changes for Thralls. I, being so merciful and humble, have decided to grant you your request.

                What in Crom's Name Are You Talking About?
                Oh, right, I suppose not everybody knows what mod I'm talking about. Due to a huge number of requests (2), I made a mod that takes just the Thrall changes from my much larger and more ambitious Less Building Restrictions mod.

                What this mod does is just makes it so Thralls don't get overlap warnings, for the most part. This means you can place them closer to other objects as you see fit. RP reasons, game reasons so that Thralls will actually shoot over fencing for a change, or maybe you want to make your Thrall orgy more realistic looking, whatever works for you.

                IMPORTANT NOTE
                Just to be clear, if you plan on using Less Building Placement Restrictions, you DO NOT need this mod as well. If anything, loading this mod after Less BPR will override the other Thrall changes done in Less BPR.


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                  Glass Constructions and more...

                  Glass Constructions, Campfire Grill, Great Furnace and more ...
                  Level Mod required

                  HUD messages like lvl up, to much encumbrance .....
                  are no longer displayed above the inventory, new between the shortcutbar
                  and inventory (20% smaller). No inventory is hidden anymore.

                  ***Added the Recipe: Crimson Lotus Powder

                  ***Only the square Mod-Ceilings snap at the new pillars.
                  - Reinforced Stone Ceiling NEW
                  - Black-Ice Ceiling NEW
                  - Glass square ceilings

                  For full use u need the Level 250 Mod
                  or for faster leveling the 300 Level Mod
                  (or other lvl mod), because most parts can only be learned from level 60-72.


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                    Morkarys Elevator

                    * Vertical Elevator *
                    3.5 times the normal speed

                    * Horizontal Elevator *
                    2 times the normal speed


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                      PRN_NPCEquipmentLoot (Pick up NPC Loot)

                      This Mod makes NPCs drop their equipment (both armor & weapons) with low durability (5-25%).


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                        Named Thrall Spawn boost (May 2018)

                        Increases spawn rate of named thralls in specific areas, gives these thralls better looking armor choices and added one new named thrall.

                        Massively Increased spawn rate of named thralls in:
                        The den (4 possible thalls / 3 named and one is simply a rng legendary)
                        Black Galleon (lots, many spots have mutiple possible thralls that can appear there).
                        Some new areas like jungle where duplicate named thralls now spawn.


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                          Advanced Arrows Revisited

                          Double the output for each crafting recipe, essentially halving the costs of crafting arrows.

                          All Arrows and bolts now weigh 0.1 lbs.

                          Damage for all arrows and bolts now double original values, with a heavy hit being 2.5 times original value, due to taking the time to line up the shot.

                          All new arrows are gated behind 3 new Feats:
                          Specialist Ammunition I, II, and III at levels 29, 38, and 49 respectively. They all require Archery, I requires Iron Tools, II and III require Steel Tools, and the lower levels of Specialist Ammunition.

                          Ancient Arrows
                          Req. Specialist Ammuntion I
                          ID 53616
                          Lt. Dmg 10
                          Hvy. Dmg 12
                          Ingredients Ironhead Arrow, 5 Ichor, Dragonpowder, 2 Feather
                          Who knows what sorcery is etched upon the head of this ancient arrow? All that is know is that every shot with it weakens an enemy, corrupting their soul and leaving them gasping for relief.

                          Explosive Arrows
                          Req. Specialist Ammuntion III
                          ID 53617
                          Lt. Dmg 10
                          Hvy. Dmg 12
                          Ingredients Ironhead Arrow, 5 Tar, 3 Dragonpowder, 4 Feather
                          Only a madman would willingly carry arrows like this into battle. The chance of hitting friends when trying to damage foes, the chance of accidentally ricocheting an arrow back into oneself, and the chance that the arrows will explode in the quiver... A madman or a berserker, perhaps.

                          Healing Arrows
                          Req. Specialist Ammuntion II
                          ID 53615
                          Lt. Dmg 10
                          Hvy. Dmg 12
                          Ingredients Ironhead Arrow, 10 Aloe, Dragonpowder, 3 Feather
                          Made somewhat unwieldy by the bag of ground aloe attached to them, these arrows will release a small cloud of healing gas wherever they strike. This doesn't seem like a practical way to deliver healing in battle, as there is just as much chance of healing foes. But... some people like exotic solutions.

                          Ivory Arrows
                          Req. Specialist Ammuntion I
                          ID 51471
                          Lt. Dmg 18
                          Hvy. Dmg 22
                          Ingredients 10 Ivory, 5 Steel Bar, 4 Feather
                          Like cultures and customs, the value of ivory depends upon the kingdom where it is seen. In the Hyborian kingdoms, where elephants and other creatures are rare, it is a tangible sign of both wealth and power. In the Black Kingdoms, it is common - few warriors exist in those lands who do not possess an ivory handled dagger or jewelry. It is a great source of trade between the north and the south - indeed it could be said that ivory is the primary reason that merchants dare make the dangerous journey along the Black Coast to trade for it in Kush. This ivory arrow, honed to perfection, is excellently balanced and will cause great damage.

                          Light Arrows
                          Req. Specialist Ammuntion I
                          ID 53618
                          Lt. Dmg 10
                          Hvy. Dmg 12
                          Ingredients Ironhead Arrow, 5 Glowing Essence, 2 Feather
                          The head of this arrow has been treated with a glowing substance, causing it to glow. This is useful for marking points in dark caverns and seeing how deep those bottomless wells really are.

                          Poison Arrows
                          Req. Specialist Ammuntion II
                          ID 53619
                          Lt. Dmg 10
                          Hvy. Dmg 12
                          Ingredients Ironhead Arrow, 10 Ichor, 3 Feather
                          This arrowhead has been hollowed out and filled with a poisonous powder. Designed to split upon impact, the arrow releases a cloud of poisonous spores into the air, damaging any standing within.

                          Tar Arrows
                          Req. Specialist Ammuntion III
                          ID 53620
                          Lt. Dmg 10
                          Hvy. Dmg 12
                          Ingredients Ironhead Arrow, 10 Tar, 2 Glowing Essence, 4 Feather
                          The hollow arrow is filled with a pair of special reactants that mix together on contact with the ground and form a sticky pool. This will slow anyone who gets caught in the effect.


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                            LitMan Loot Legendary Chests

                            Allows to open Legendary Chest from Level 1. You got key the chest it it's yours.